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3 Great Uses for Dual Occupancy Homes

3 Great Uses for Dual Occupancy Homes

Ask anyone in the real estate industry in Australia and they’ll tell you that dual occupancy homes are extremely popular right now. Not only are they ideal investments for most Australians, but they’re also flexible, too. Two dwellings on the same plot of land open up many possibilities for homebuilders. Here are three great uses for dual occupancy homes:

01. Duplex

The most popular use for a dual occupancy home is a duplex. Duplexes are two dwelling units, typically one on top of the other, on the same plot of land. Both units often look like they belong to one big house, which adds to their appeal in a neighbourhood. The fact that both units are separated and self-contained dwellings mean that prospective tenants will be assured of their privacy.

These dwellings are so popular for a variety of reasons, including the possibility to generate passive income from a tenant whilst living in the other unit, for example. Alternatively, both units can be rented out, allowing the owner to generate twice as much income from the same property.

Another great reason to consider building a duplex is as a rental unit in the beginning, but as a liveable unit for children as they grow into adulthood. Renting in Australia can be costly, and adolescents and young adult family members looking to find employment and their own rental property can be difficult, so having a separate unit attached to the main family home is a convenient way to give them a degree of independence whilst saving them potentially thousands or tens of thousands of dollars every year.

02. Granny Flat

Simple yet effective use of a dual occupancy is a granny flat on the property. Granny flats are small, self-contained dwellings typically found in the backyard of an existing property. These units can be up to 60 sq.m. in size and seldom require any special permits from local councils, which makes them a hassle-free and affordable option.

Granny flats are ideal for accommodating family members since it gives them some privacy whilst being close to the main house. If a bathroom and kitchen can be installed and the unit made fully self-contained, granny flats can also be rented to tenants.

03. Second Home

When a granny flat just won’t do and you’ve already got a home on the property, it may be possible to build a second home on the same lot. Naturally, densifying the property with a second home will most certainly require permission from the local council. Once planning and zoning have given the permission to build a second home, there are often stipulations as to how much open space will be required on the property as well as access points at the front and/or rear of the lot.

A second home allows nearly endless possibilities since it’s essentially another house on the same lot. That means you can choose to build a separate, fully-contained house with one or more rental units adjacent to your own home, or you can instead choose to rent out both properties.

Build Your Dream Dual Occupancy Home with Trevor Homes

If you’re considering joining the trend of dual occupancy home construction in Australia, look for a builder that specialises in building great designs specifically for dual occupancy homes. Get in touch with Trevor Homes today and enquire about your dream design and we’ll help you realise it.

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