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Key Traits to Look for in a Dual Occupancy Home Developer

Key Traits to Look for in a Dual Occupancy Home Developer

Most of the time, frequently asked questions about dual occupancy homes revolve around the design and development of the homes and rightfully so. No less important, however, is it to ask some basic questions about your choice of prospective dual occupancy home developers (assuming you are intending to retain their professional services, that is).

Consider the following when shopping around for dual occupancy home development firms:

01. Trust & Reputation


The importance of trust and a rock-solid reputation are not to be taken lightly, and this applies to more than just dual occupancy home developers. Nevertheless, trust and reputation matter a lot because you aren’t retaining their services at a negligible cost. This isn’t purchasing a packet of bubble gum that you later discover you don’t like the flavour of, we’re talking about property development in one of the world’s most lucrative nations for real estate!

Always ensure that your desired developer has a trustworthy reputation and ask for testimonials from previous clients, if possible. Review their website, look at their gallery and portfolio, and hear what clients have to say online.

02. Specialisation in Dual Occupancy Homes


You might find that a lot of home developers will be happy to work with you for the construction of a dual occupancy home, if the price is right. That’s not good enough. The unique differences between dual occupancy home development and other types of development are noteworthy. It isn’t simply building two buildings on one property, even if at the end of the day that’s what is seen.

The entire process of obtaining the permits, land subdivision, zoning and Council approval, and so on can be tiresome and exhausting for a firm that hasn’t done their due diligence and planned well in advance. Failure to mind your p’s and q’s will certainly lead to lengthy delays and wasted money. Choose a developer that specialises in dual occupancy homes instead.

03. Comprehensive Services from Start to Finish


Following on the previous point, the process of dual occupancy home development is complex and not very straightforward at all, even if they’re increasingly becoming popular and are well understood by local Councils across Australia.

On account of their complexity, you really don’t want to get a job that’s half-done for obvious reasons. A company that has the know-how to build the homes is desirable, but a firm that can help you apply for all of the required permits and permissions (basically, handle all of the bureaucracy) is even better.

Choose a firm that will provide you with a comprehensive service starting at the initial phone call and quotation to walking into your brand new dual occupancy home, keys in hand.

04. An Extensive Portfolio


We’ve touched on trust and reputation, but these come about with years of experience and many satisfied customers. Any good development firm will proudly showcase a gallery of their work as it is a testament to the quality that you can expect should you choose to work with them.

Only choose firms that have a portfolio either online or showcased on their premises for you to look over and evaluate.

05. Friendly yet Professional Customer Service


Working with a dual occupancy home developer should always be a stress-free and hassle-free experience. Problems, delays, and such can happen even to the very best developers simply due to all of the back and forth required with government and Council, with contractors, and so on.

Nevertheless, it’s important to choose a firm that is committed to providing professional customer service every step of the way; one that communicates clearly with you, the client, during all stages of development.

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