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5 Useful Design Ideas for Dual Occupancy Homes

5 Useful Design Ideas for Dual Occupancy Homes

Are you planning to invest in a dual occupancy home? There has perhaps never been a better time, thanks to the many benefits that these valuable properties provide to their owners. If you’re looking for inspiration for your ideal design, consider the below design ideas as potential considerations for a new build:

01. Alfresco Dining Spaces

Outdoor dining in Southern Victoria is quite popular thanks to the relatively good, temperate weather. Simply being outdoors in our yard and garden is a welcome reprieve from excessive time spent indoors working or studying, and it’s certainly a nice alternative to going outdoors in public spaces thanks to the privacy and comforts of home.

Consider building your dual occupancy homes with generous rear yard space suitable for cosy and entertaining outdoor dining experiences. A full outdoor kitchen might be ideal, but even just a few trellises for privacy and a simple patio with ample space for a barbecue is another option if space is constrained.

02. Double Car Garages

If you’re going to be building two side-by-side units right next to one another, you may wish to optimise the use of property in between by building a large garage between the two. This might make the construction more straightforward, which can translate to lower building costs.

You could place a retaining wall right down the middle to physically separate the garage space and to provide privacy, or you might simply opt for a shared garage without any physical delineation.

03. Energy-Efficient Units

Energy efficiency is good not only for the environment but for your wallet as well. From energy-efficient home appliances to other consumer goods, there are many ways to cut down on energy consumption in our personal lives.

Why not try to involve some energy-efficient elements into your dual occupancy home? Solar PV panels, for example, have come down significantly in price in recent years and have excellent returns on investment.

Proper insulation is also a must. Although we might not get snowy, sub-zero temperatures like in Europe or America, adequate heat retention and heat absorption is necessary for keeping our living spaces cosy and warm/cool with minimal consumption of energy.

04. Architectural Flair

There are many design ideas to choose from and architectural styles are about as varied as you want them to be, depending on your choice of building contractor and what they excel at.

For two conjoined units, you may wish to consider an architectural style that seamlessly blends the units and makes it seem like one large home. A Spanish Colonial style with terracotta roof, for example, could be made to look like a luxurious villa.

Another design idea might be to make both units look uniquely separate, to clearly delineate the property and ownership. Many modern architectural styles and contemporary styles use clean lines and geometry that can help achieve this.

05. Multi-Generational Dwellings

If you intend to live in one of the units and to have your elderly parents or young teenagers live in the other, multi-generational dwellings are best done with dual occupancy development.

In these cases, it might not appear to be immediately necessary to subdivide the property formally, but when your children move out on their own the property will be fully ready to let to a new tenant or to sell, as you please.

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