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How to Choose the Right Multi-Unit Specialist for a New Build

How to Choose the Right Multi-Unit Specialist for a New Build

There are plenty of competent home developers in Melbourne and across Victoria and Australia that can help you build your dream home and/or investment property. But when it comes to multi-unit developments, some have more expertise in this specific niche than others.

If you’re in the market for a new dual occupancy build, there are a few key things to look for when shopping around for developers:

Choose a Developer that Specialises in Multi-Unit Dwellings

As mentioned, some developers have specific expertise with dual occupancy dwellings whilst others may specialise in commercial office space or retail shop development projects. Most developments have a few things in common, like steel, timber, and concrete, but the nature of the development itself can vary widely in scale and scope which is why it’s better to choose a developer with a specialisation in dual occupancy homes.

A developer with a specialisation in multi-unit dwellings will understand all of the challenges and bureaucracy involved in these developments, which are very different from detached single-family homes, commercial property, or industrial property, for example.

One of the best places to look for signs of success and specialisation is in the project portfolio of your desired developer. Take some time to look over the built projects of your desired developer and get a feel for their design and construction capabilities, and don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of their team for more information.

A Wealth of Professional Experience

As with many trades and professions, experience speaks volumes about the competency and reputability of your desired dual occupancy home developer. Since 1968, Trevor Homes has been developing dual occupancy homes and multi-unit properties across Victoria in both urban and rural settings to the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Over 50 years of experience is no small feat for a developer, as it also shows that their built development projects have stood the test of time and that the development team has maintained a solid reputation throughout the decades.

An All-in-One Solution for Dual Occupancy Homes

Developing a dual occupancy property yourself is an awful lot of work. Don’t assume that it’s basically like building an individual home and simply doubling it. Council doesn’t see it this way, so neither should you. The amount of pre-development work and planning can be daunting, even for a seasoned developer (perhaps with no expertise in dual occupancy homes) due to the process of subdivision, understanding easements and clearance spaces, and so on.

What you should be looking for is a developer that will help guide you through the entire process, all the way from submitting the initial documentation to walking through the front door, keys in hand.

Key Investment Insights

For many prospective homeowners, the investment potential of a dual occupancy home is lucrative. Nevertheless, it is important to understand certain investment metrics like cash flow, tenant turnover rates, and the attractiveness of the location and thus your investment yield potential.

Location, Location, Location

Although part of the investment planning, location stands out as one of the most important aspects of your dual occupancy home. An attractive location, such as near transit lines or with a beautiful vista, can command far higher rent values than a home located in an unattractive location, for example. A good developer can help you understand the pros and cons of specific locations in Regional Victoria and Melbourne.

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