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5 Design Ideas for Attractive Rental Properties for Dual Occupancy Homes

5 Design Ideas for Attractive Rental Properties for Dual Occupancy Homes

Rental properties are quite a hot commodity in major metropolitan areas of Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, but that also means property owners should be vying to attract high-quality tenants with attractive rental properties that justify the asking price.

Dual occupancy homes are no exception, and just like how a prospective tenant likely wouldn’t much appreciate an old shag carpet that looks (and smells like) the 70s, they’d likely be attracted to a clean, modern property that offers reasonable value for their money.

If you own a dual occupancy home and want to attract quality tenants, there’s a lot of active work involved (it’s anything but passive income!). Below are a few design ideas that can help you attract tenants to your dual occupancy home.

01. Keep Entrances Separate and Private

Privacy is essential and tenants will rightfully expect to have a modicum of privacy in their unit. Since many dual occupancy homes are built on subdivided land in urban areas, space is at a premium so it is important to consider features such as trees or shrubs to delineate both properties and to make them feel more private.

Moreover, entranceways should naturally be separate. Fencing, landscaping, and other such barriers can help to keep the entranceways private and distinct from one another.

02. Prioritise Functional Interior Design

Dual occupancy units tend to be substantially smaller than older freestanding detached homes of decades past, so space is at a premium and thus it is essential to maximise every square centimetre of floor space.

An important determinant in the overall asking price (but certainly not the only) is the floor space of your unit, but tenants will reasonably want a place they can call home and ideally one that doesn’t feel too tight or constrained. Choose furniture and decorative features that seamlessly blend combined living spaces like a kitchen + living room, for example, as well as decor that makes these living spaces feel large and functional – even if space is limited.

03. Don’t Discount the Importance of Interior Finishes

Following on the previous point, decorating the interior of your units with stylish and modern finishes can make a great impression on prospective tenants and make a rental property attractive. Consider engineered wooden floors, porcelain or ceramic in the bathroom and kitchen backsplashes, and decorative accents, for example.

04. Outdoor Living is Possible in a Dual Occupancy Home

On smaller subdivided plots of land where dual occupancy homes sit, it’s still possible to create an inviting, tranquil garden retreat for tenants to enjoy. Depending on the design of your dual occupancy home and your preferences, it may be possible and/or desirable to build separate gardens or to have a communal outdoor garden equipped with a patio and barbecue area, for example.

05. Modern Energy-Efficient Features

With energy prises steadily rising, tenants and landlords alike should be seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising on basic necessities like hot showers. For energy-efficiency, dual occupancy home new builds can (and should) be designed with features such as double-glazed windows, well-insulated doors and roofs, floorboards that retain heat and warmth, and more.

These types of features can help to attract tenants and keep them satisfied, which should keep them paying their rent and remaining happy tenants with minimal fuss.

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