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Scandinavian Minimalism: How to Decorate Your Dual Occupancy Home

Scandinavian Minimalism: How to Decorate Your Dual Occupancy Home

Decorating a dual occupancy home can be a little different than decorating a traditional home which is often larger and can take on a wider variety of aesthetics. Space is a limiting factor in many dual occupancy homes, which leads designers and homeowners to work within those constraints to create beautiful and welcoming spaces.

Scandinavian minimalism is one style that particularly lends itself well to dual occupancy homes because it embodies simplicity and does away with clutter that can make a space feel cramped.

Less is More – Create Open Spaces

One of the most important ideas behind Scandinavian minimalism and one that lends itself fairly well to smaller dual occupancy homes in Australia is that spaces should feel open and airy, not cluttered and cramped.

There are already many techniques for making spaces feel larger than they are in fact, notably in bathrooms with the placement of mirrors or the choice of colours used throughout. These sorts of ideas can be adapted to the entirety of a home. Consider it a little like Bohemian fashion advice of using some accessories and details, but always removing one piece as you walk out the door. Less is more, in a sense.

Choose Minimalist Furniture

There are many reasons to love flatpack furniture from that shop that rhymes with “idea” and serves affordable and tasty meatballs, one of them being price and another being the simple styles of their furniture.

When decorating your dual occupancy home, try to choose minimalist furniture with clean and sharp lines, ideally, furniture lacking excessive detail. Think simple tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets, built-in wardrobes and simple armoires, and simple bedframes.

Opt for Whites & Greys

Keeping with the theme of airy spaces and simple, clean lines with furniture and other decor, try to choose interior paint colours that embody Scandinavian minimalism. Typically, this mostly involves plain whites grey tones, and blacks.

Colour is not alien to Scandinavian minimalism, however. Danish watchmakers that embrace Scandinavian minimalism often use deep blues, for example. Just be careful not to go overboard with colours and instead consider choosing complementary colour tones to one specific colour.

Decorate With Minimalist Artwork & Photography

With paint and furniture already established, think of the finishing touches that can make your dual occupancy home feel like a welcoming place. For artwork in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and/or bedroom, consider monochrome photography (city skylines or modern art, for example).

Potted plants and succulents can also be integrated into a Scandinavian minimalist style, but just don’t go overboard. A few cleverly placed plants can breathe life into a home and provide some contrast with the remainder of the home interior.

Add Some Personalised Touches

Keep in mind that going strictly with Scandinavian minimalism can leave your dual occupancy home feeling perhaps like it lacks character, something personalised that makes it feel unique.

While it’s all well and good to draw inspiration from sample showrooms at your favourite (maybe) Swedish flatpack furniture shop, you may not want to copy/paste this 100% into your home as-is. Instead, think of adding a little flair that makes a place feel distinctly yours. Consider specific items of decor such as artwork to achieve some personalisation, for example.

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