Getting the Right Unit Design

To commence the concept drawings stage as per Councils Clause 55 requirements the first step is to gather the feature survey, plan of subdivision and dial before you dig.

Having a smart design which is favourable to the potential buyer drives up the sales price. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind during the design phase –   

– Maximise the rear allotment size by allocating the covered car space for the street facing unit at the front instead of the rear.

– To reduce site cost expenses avoid designing the house within 1m of the easement.

– Be mindful that at times the rear unit normally sells higher than the front unit due to the rear unit normally having more privacy and a larger private open space. With this in mind it may be worth adding larger spaces and more architectural features to the front unit to maximise the sales price.

– Direct the first floor bedroom or retreat windows away when possible from overlooking into your neighbours backyard to avoid treating windows with translucent glazing and raising concerns at the advertising stage.

– Jazz up the front façade to emotionally connect with the potential buyer using render, semi commercial windows or architectural porticos.

– Avoid maintenance at all costs to timber finishes on the façades, external doors and decking. Reducing the expense by selecting a carport instead of a garage

Our Property Development consultant can shape your build and inclusion to ensure that your design fits within the construction budget to guarantee you get the profit as scheduled in your feasibility. There’s nothing worst then seeing our clients receive plans and permits from exterior companies to realise that they cant build it and have to start again from scratch.