Multi Unit Builders in Manifold Heights

Manifold Heights remains a desirable and cost efficient place to live, and this has seen an influx of properties put up for sale or lease. Trevor Homes have played a massive role in ensuring that the area remains one of the best places to live by having the best builders and design teams on the grounds shaping the real estate industry in the suburb.
We have robust personnel of townhouse, multi-unit, and dual occupancy builders versed in the latest building and design concepts. Take the guesswork out of hiring the best builders for your project and give us a call.

What to Build

So, you have a block, and you are ready to develop it. It can be unnerving choosing between multi-units, dual occupancy, townhouses, or something different. However, the decision will be influenced by the planning permits you get from the local council and who you intend will occupy the home. According to research, retirees and families with young children prefer to live in homes that do not have stairs. You can count on our multi-unit, townhouse, and dual occupancy builders to turn your idea into reality especially if you are an investor looking to turn a block into homes for many and a steady income stream.

Work with The Best Multi-Unit Builders in Town

At Trevor Homes, the work of our multi-unit builders has transformed Manifold Heights and surrounds into a haven for people from all walks of life. However, our team of experts also includes townhouse builders. They will turn your block into a two storey townhouse which is one of the easiest ways to maximise space. They are popular in the inner sections of suburb, and the local council will easily give planning permits without much hassle.

Dual occupancy homes are perfect for large families as well as people looking to get extra income from their block. We have been named as the leading builders in Manifold Heights, and we see an increase in these types of homes. We understand the R-Codes of the area, and we will help you get your planning permits, and our dual occupancy builders can move in and start work as soon as you need us.

Essentially, customer satisfaction is top on our list, and we ensure this by guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. We are not the cheapest option in the market, but you can trust that our rates reflect the quality of service rendered. Besides this, we know where you can get building materials at a cheaper, and this allows us to lower the costs of turning your dream into a reality.

Repairs and Maintenance

We ensure to give holistic building services, but with time, it is natural that you will need repair and maintenance services. We have a dedicated customer support and maintenance team for ongoing repairs. We also have expert maintenance service personnel who are actual multi-unit, dual occupancy, and townhouse builders themselves! You can schedule an appointment or request emergency service. We guarantee that we will be in your location within the hour for repair and maintenance services.

Contact us today for unrivalled building services at the most competitive rates in Manifold Heights. Whether you’re looking for dual occupancy, townhouses, multi-unit or other types of builders, Trevor Homes is your best choice.

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