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How do you know that you are getting the best townhouse, multi-unit, and dual occupancy builders in Newtown? It all starts with contacting Trevor Homes for professional services that have remained unmatched for years. Our builders specialise in dual occupancy, multi-unit, and townhouse developments and will work with your budget and help you all the way until your house is ready for occupancy.

What House to Build Using the Leading Builders in Newtown

Townhouses, dual occupancy, and multi-unit houses are some of the most popular property development options to choose from. There are various designs to choose from, and whatever you decide to put up is dependent on your preferences. However, locals council set Residential Design Codes in place that dictate the issuance of planning permits – before you get building. Townhouses are perfect for small families, while dual occupancy and multi-unit homes are perfect for large families or medium sized families looking to have borders.
Senior citizens and families with small children prefer homes without stairs, so single storey dual occupancy and multi-unit dwellings will work best for them. The size of the block will also dictate what kind of house is more preferable. Trevor Homes has the best designers and townhouse, dual occupancy and multi-unit builders that work within your budget and timeline.

Professional Dual Occupancy, Townhouse, and Multi-Unit Builders and Designers

Take the guesswork out of actualising your project and contact Trevor Homes. We have come assisted many homeowners who were almost giving up the fight trying to get planning permits from the local council. More so, our multi-unit, dual occupancy, and townhouse builders will help you in the planning process of building your home, right from the best contemporary and classic designs, machinery to use, and construction materials. We have established working relationships with the top construction material supplies, and if needed, we can help you get a payment plan for all your exterior and interior home supplies.

24/7 Customer Support

Other than planning permits being a headache, you will also need to know what is happening on site. We can give you daily updates on the progress of your home and this way, you can track your expenses while ensuring to minimise delays. You also require maintenance support and our dual occupancy, multi-unit, and townhouse builders are on hand to ensure your home stays in tip-top shape.
When you need repairs, do not wait for days before you get it done. Our customer care representatives work around the clock, and they will dispatch one of our mobile repair crews nearest to your location. We guarantee that we will be there within the hour to fix whatever is broken.

Competitive Rates for Leading Builders in Newtown

You can’t always estimate to the cent what you’ll be spending on your property development project. This is because there are many costs associated with the process, plus the cost of delays. At Trevor Homes Newtown, we have dedicated and professional multi-unit, townhouse, and dual occupancy builders working diligently to stick to your timeline. When it comes to our quality of services, we offer some of the most competitive rates.
Give us a ring, or use the live chat section of the website to contact us. We will offer a non-obligatory quotation for your consideration. We are happy to assist and bring our wealth of experience to any property development project in the area. We’ve been in the industry for over 50 years, in regards to managing building development design, permits, service connections, subdivision and construction – we have done it all and continue to set trends in the Newtown real estate industry.

Trevor Homes are your new townhouse builders. In addition, if you are looking for builders in South Geelong, Trevor homes is the best option for you to design your dream home. Get a FREE consultation.

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