Trevor Homes is leading the pack as one of Noble Park’s most trusted multi-unit developers.

We have operated locally for almost 50 years and have gained a wide range of committed clients in that time. We are grateful to say that our standing is strong and our reputation favourable. We are amongst the largest multi-unit developers in Victoria, and certainly in Noble Park.

But more than awards or achievements, we value the feedback of our clients.

So far so good, as we currently boast a customer service rating of 99.3%. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without the steady stream of customers that have supported us over the years. And in turn, we aim to support you, all the way through your multi-unit building process.

Given our history, experience and commitment to customer service, we guarantee a happy building experience- whether you would like to build a development from scratch or receive a quote on an idea already in the works.

<strong>Trevor Homes is leading the pack as one of Noble Park’s most trusted multi-unit developers.</strong>

What Trevor Homes can do for you:

  • Pricing
  • Design management
  • Permits
  • Service connections
  • Subdivision
  • Construction

Despite our hardest wishes, money doesn’t grow on trees. We know you work hard for your dollars, which is why we provide you with rates that are flexible and affordable. Our customisable townhouse plans start at the low price of $150,000 and go up depending on what special features you would like to add to your home.

Our quotes are also reasonable, and super swift.

Concept plans for new projects start at $550 and can be returned to you within two weeks. If time is of the essence, provide us with your pre-existing multi-unit plan for a quote within two business days! Now, how’s that for efficiency?

We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, so give 1300 TREVOR a call today for answers to all your multi-unit building needs.

<strong>What Trevor Homes can do for you: </strong>

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